In SORT Translations we offer services of simultaneous, consecutive, whispered (chuchotage) and liaison interpreting. We advise you on the modality that better suits your needs and we will select the best qualified interpreters for each event.   

•  Simultaneous interpretation   
Performed in a suitable audio facility. The presenter speaks or gives a lecture, and the interpreter, from a cabin adapted to the needs, translates simultaneously what the speaker says to the language of the audience through a microphone, and the audience receives it through earphones.

 • Consecutive Interpretation
This is the reproduction of the speaker's intervention. Generally, the interpreter takes notes during the intervention and then takes the floor and transmits it to the audience in their language.

Whispered Interpretation (chuchotage)
Simultaneous interpretation in a dialogue between two people at the most. The interpreter listens to the speaker's intervention and translates it into the ear of the person to whom it is addressed.

Liaison interpreting
Method in which the interpreter stands between the participants and translates, sentence by sentence, what the different interlocutors say. It is an ideal method for business negotiations.


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