Dubbing and subtitling

SORT Translations collaborates with several producers in order to meet the demands of the audio-visual market, acceding to the infrastructure and specialists in transcription, recording of sound, recording and video editing, and diverse audio-visual services.  

 In SORT Translations we offer the following audio-visual services: 

  • Subtitling (any format, DVD, Internet, Training…) 

  • Dubbing (lip sync for animations, movies, ...) 

  • Voiceover (professional actors, for movies, video games, advertisements ...) 

  • Translation of scripts in all languages.   

 We offer a comprehensive service, including from the script translation service and its adaptation to actors, studios and audio rooms, mixing, layback / layoff, even showrooms. 

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Express service

We offer the option of express translation service in 24 or 48 hours

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