We contribute, with our proofreading service, to the quality of the presentation and the formal appearance of any text that our clients entrust us.

The content of a text of any subject that has to be submitted publicly, either in the shape of a book, magazine, newspaper or under any other literary form, or any private document that has to be shared by several people, it loses value if its formal appearance is deficient, particularly if it presents spelling or grammatical mistakes.

To this aim, we deal with the correction of the style, the spelling and the grammatical structure of the texts that are entrusted to us, correcting the grammatical mistakes, eliminating its possible misspellings and syntax and punctuation errors, whether the origin of these texts is the Spanish language or they are texts translated to Spanish from other languages and that they need any formal correction before being published.

We correct texts, among others, in the following languages:  German, Catalan, Korean, Basque, French, Galician, English, Italian, Latin, Polish and Russian.

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